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Learning a Lesson by Grayson Stewart

It was a hot summer day and David just got back from walking Sassy, his dog, around the block. He was just out of school and starting his Summer Break. He was looking forward to playing with his friends and going to the beach and playing mini-golf at Boomer’s. It was Friday and he wanted to go to his friend’s house before dinner. He asked Steve and Christina, his parents, if he could go to Max’s house to play catch with the football. They said ok, but for him to make sure he comes home at 6:30, which was Dusk.

When David got to Max’s house, he knocked on the door, waited a bit and no one answered. No one was home! David really wanted somebody to play with, so he decided to go to Houston’s and see if he was home. Houston, his good friend who was the outdoorsy type, wasn’t home either. He was on a camping trip with his Dad, climbing Mt. Whitney!

David still really wanted someone to play with, so he went to Pumpkin’s house, his neighbor, who was a little girl who liked to jump on the trampoline with David. They usually have so much fun together. When he got there, they started playing right away.

A little time passed. David’s parents started looking for David when he hadn’t returned, and they didn’t hear any kids playing outside. They went to Max’s house and there was no Max or David to be found!

Steve and Christina began to worry and started thinking about all the things that could happen to David because they didn’t know where he was. They imagined him being run over by a car! They imagined him kidnapped!! They imagined him locked up in someone’s garage!!!

They tried to calm down and phoned Max’s mother. She said that Max was at Jujitsu and she didn’t know where David was. Steve and Christina tried to think of where David could have gone.

Perhaps he went to Houston’s? When Steve and Christina got there, they discovered that Houston and David were not there. They were really beginning to get scared by now and really wanted to find David. After thinking about it, they thought maybe David went to Pumpkin’s house.

When they got to Pumpkin’s house, they found David.

Steve and Christina were relieved to have found him, but were also very upset with David for not telling them where he was. Steve and Christina asked Sassy the dog what she thought would be a good way to teach David a lesson about what had just happened. Sassy thought David should be grounded from his friends for one week. A week went by and David learned that he should always come back home and ask his parents if it’s ok to change locations.

The End

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