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Welcome to Prince Grayson Island where the sun always shines and the weather is always the same.

Here at PGI, we are crime-free. No one does anything bad and everyone is kind to one another. We used to discipline the odd bad person by killing them, but we’ve decided that that was too harsh. So now we make them cut the grass with scissors for one day.

PGI is a free world. We have our kids go to school for free here right through university and when they start working, they work for free. No one has money and that’s why there’s no crime. Everyone works for fun and work is always fun.

Know what else is fun here at PGI? The beaches are packed full of tourists, there’s an amusement park in every town and the main attraction for our country is the Grayson the Great statue and Memorial Centre also known as Grayson Memorial Park located in the capital city of Grayson. 

We hope you come and visit us here soon. Don’t bring your wallet and remember not to do anything bad to us in our country. We use small scissors here and have lots and lots of grass.

Prince Grayson Island (a project for school)

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